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Art Owners Reviews

  • I am so happy to excited to see a website finally devoted to a great artist’s life and work! I collect Morris Katz Judaica and have always been a huge fan and was interested in getting the art I have authenticated by the foundation.

    – Barbara Hirsch –

  • My Dad used to attend the art shows in the Catskills during the summer months and bid on two separate pieces of art by Morris Katz himself. Not the many people know about the presidential collection because they were not the typical entertainment piece that could be created some tissue paper.

    – Danny Schneider –

  • My mother gave me a Morris Katz painting created in 1965, of trees reflected on a body of water, on board. It was sitting in her home until 2017 when she decided to sell the home and move into an independent living facility. Having the paintings authenticated meant everything in the world to her.

    – Sandy Rubenstein –